Following tooth loss, the resulting space may be closed by using a denture, bridge or implant.

Unlike a denture which is removable, a bridge or implant is fixed in the mouth.

Most but not all patients prefer the convenience of a bridge over a denture and are often used as a more economical restoration than an implant.

A bridge is not always suitable however and a host of factors such as the size of the gap or the quality of the supporting teeth, gums and bone may mean that it is not possible to use a bridge. The preparation of the neighbouring supporting teeth by reducing them in size has to be considered too as this may mean shortening the life span of those teeth. This factor might lead a decision away from providing a bridge.

However, when conditions are favourable bridges provide excellent results in terms of appearance and being able to be chewed upon.

As with crowns there are several materials (see our page on Crowns) which may be used for the manufacture of bridges and these factors together with the estimate of costs will be discussed in full to allow an informed decision to be reached.

After a bridge has been fitted advice is given to demonstrate how to care for and look after the bridge with special dental cleaning implements and materials.

Bridges provide an excellent way of restoring a smile or providing much needed confidence in eating without the feel of something alien or insecure in your mouth.

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