Green Shoots of Recovery?

I spend a large part of my working day inside the same four walls so when I get the chance to break free I really embrace it.

I enjoy being out in the open air either walking or gardening and have recently started bird watching.

Gardening in particular recharges my batteries. I have never lost the fascination of seeing a tiny seed germinate and develop into a plant that is capable of giving such joy through its flowers or fruits.

Pictured are some sweet pea seedlings I sowed in November 21.

The germination process, given the right conditions of light and temperature, usually ensures enough seeds grow to produce viable plants for myself and any gardening friends who would welcome them.

The lighter evenings make it feel that Spring is around the corner and the shoots of the daffodils are already bursting through.

I feel that the green shoots of the recovery from the pandemic are evident too. 

We are slowly loosening the restrictions in the surgery. The door now is open and the requirement for temperatures being taken has gone. The sanitising station is still present for hand disinfection and the wearing of masks is now a personal choice. In the surgery I will continue to wear my mask though due to the close proximity to patients that I have to work in. Cleaning down the surgery in between patients remains as rigorous as ever.

However, just as a late frost can spell disaster for the tender seedlings I pray that the small signs of a return to “normal” are not once again strangled by some new variant of the coronavirus.

Indeed I hope that by the time my sweet pea seedlings are producing flowers that the recovery will be in full swing.

Roll on the Spring and early Summer with the promise of flowers and better times ahead.