July 19th Freedom Day

In the recent announcement on the way forward out of the pandemic, the government has decided to continue with proposed plans to lift many of the restrictions previously imposed to reduce the spread of infection.

Many patients have been asking me what will that mean for the practice and will there be a relaxation of the rules for dentistry too.

At present the very short and simple answer is there will be no changes to the way we have operated over the past year.

We have managed to operate safely and successfully in the pandemic by sticking rigidly to our protocols and procedures and in the face of rising numbers of infections caused by the more transmissible Delta variant we believe we should continue to do so.

Many of our younger patients have not yet had the chance to have both vaccines and we also treat patients who are immuno-compromised or vulnerable because of pre-existing medical conditions. For these people contracting the virus could be very serious. 

So please be patient with us as we respectfully ask you to continue to wear your masks when attending the practice. We will continue to screen all  patients prior to appointments, check Covid status on arrival and observe social distancing whilst inside the practice.

Your continued safety is our priority.