Vaccination Volunteering

One of my dental colleagues recently asked for volunteers from the profession to assist in the roll out of the COVID-19 vaccination.

As dental professionals, we are aptly placed to assist in this role from the things we do in our everyday work –

  1. We deal with patients day in, day out
  2. We screen patient medical histories and know what to do and how to treat patients who are compromised medically and may be taking multiple medications
  3. We know how to deal with medical emergencies if they should arise through our continuing professional development
  4. We inject patients day in, day out
  5. We work in a clinical environment ensuring infection control is placed at the front and centre of everything we do
  6. We are able to do all the above with care and compassion for our patients
  7. We understand the importance of an appropriate vaccination programme as part of a return to something approaching normality.

I spent around 6 hours doing the online training to update my knowledge of the vaccines available in the UK and have had all the necessary and appropriate checks done and confirmed.

Last Friday I had my first face to face session with a mentor in the Vaccination Hub who led me through the vaccination screening process, consent process, injection technique and post vaccination advice. 

I am delighted to say I passed all the required stages and I am now able to vaccinate independently.

Thus far I have performed over 20 vaccinations in my latest shift at the Hub.

I am vaccinating in my own time, free of charge to the NHS and outside of my usual clinical hours.

I believe the more people who come forward for vaccination, the safer life will be for us all and the beautiful life we all took so lightly for granted may soon be a reality one more.

If you are offered the opportunity to receive the vaccine I wholeheartedly urge you to get it – who knows it might even be me giving you the vaccination!