Welcome to the new College of General Dentistry

College of General Dentistry, Liverpool

There are approximately 12,500 dental practices in the UK.

90% of all dentists work in these general practices with the remaining 10% working in hospitals, academia or specialist practices.

Yet up to now there has not been a College exclusively dedicated to general dentistry to foster the professional development of those 90% of dentists.

That is all set to change with the establishment of the College of General Dentistry. The College will promote professionalism and ethical practice which patients and the general public can confidently trust.

There will be a focus on postgraduate education to deliver high quality care and continually improve standards.

So, it’s a win, win situation for dentists and patients alike.

You can expect to hear more from this exciting development as dentistry continues to evolve to meet the next challenges in the new Post Covid world.