Update on COVID-19 Pandemic

“Nobody told me there’d be days like these………………..strange days indeed!”

Those of the words of John Lennon in his 1980 song “Nobody Told Me”. How prophetic and even if someone had told you,  would you have believed them?

Since the lockdown began I have been manning the phone lines and taking phone calls from my own patients and patients of other practices who cannot contact their own dentist.

I’ve been providing advice where I can, dispensing and delivering analgesics and antibiotics where I have deemed it necessary and I have also delivered a temporary dressing kit for patients to repair their fractured teeth until I am able to fix them properly.

I have a list of the patients who have had such treatments during this time and as soon as routine face to face dentistry is allowed to return I will contact those patients to sort their problems out,

I have several different plans in place for the return to work but just need the say so from the HM Government and my dental governing bodies before I can proceed and decide which plan will be the best route forward.

Rest assured, as soon as I can, I will return – I know myself and all the staff can’t wait to get going again! 

Keep checking the website for further updates but in the meantime if you have any issues at all or need any advice please remember I AM STILL HERE!.

Don’t forget, John Lennon also gave us the wonderful song “Imagine” in which he described his vision for a world of peace and harmony. I look forward to that day, it will come, we just don’t know when.

So, keep safe and we’ll be seeing you shortly!

Best wishes