Talk about Putting Your Foot in It

Following on from my last blog in which I related the sorry tale of how a patient had injured themselves whilst brushing their teeth, I have a further dentally related injury to report.

At his last exam one of my patients was delighted to tell me how impressed he was with his new electric toothbrush and how he felt it was bringing about an improvement in his oral hygiene.

So when he returned today for some treatment I noticed he was wearing sandals when the weather wasn’t terribly clement. When I asked him if there had been any changes since his last visit he started to tell me why he was wearing sandals.

It turns out that he was charging his electric toothbrush via a socket situated near the skirting board in his bedroom as he doesn’t have access to a shaver point. He was busy getting ready for the day ahead and was in a bit of a rush. In his haste he had forgotten he’d placed the electric toothbrush charger on the floor and stood on it by accident. Now unfortunately he had decided that he would change the head after it had charged and so had removed the old toothbrush leaving the metal prong on which the brush sits sitting upright. It was this metal prong that went through the flesh of his foot and caused the injury.

Who would have thought cleaning your teeth could be so risky!