Do You Check Your Numbers?

I’m not talking about the Lottery Numbers or your financial health here but something that can impact upon your dental wellbeing.

One of the key areas that are inspected at every dental health check at One20 Dental is the status of your gums.

Unfortunately it is not possible to assess how healthy a person’s gums are by simply looking.

Instead a very simple exercise is undertaken to measure the space between the tooth and the gum margin using a special measuring instrument. Basically the bigger the space (called the “Pocket”)¬†between the tooth and gum the higher the score and the higher the score, the more gum disease you have. This score is known as the BPE (Basic Periodontal Examination) Score.

The best score is 0 and the worst score is 4

The mouth is divided into 6 sections and the the results are displayed in a grid


As these scores are re-taken at every dental health check it is possible to monitor a person’s progress or deterioration and suitable treatment plans can be put in place to ensure the gums remain healthy.

Kevin and Nathan will then work together with you to help you put in place the best means of improving your oral hygiene at home to ensure your scores remain low.

Gum disease is the biggest single cause of tooth loss in adults in the UK and it is important to know your scores and more vitally what you need to do to take control of any gum disease that could lead to tooth loss.

As always early intervention produces the best outcomes, so get to know what your BPE scores are and what action you need to take to keep them low – that way you won’t need to win the Lottery to make sure you have a smile to be proud of.