Bristol leads the way

2024 – that’s the date Bristol has set to become smoke free.

That’s a very laudable aim and I hope that they succeed as it will prompt other cities to do so.

Indeed Wokingham and York are next to be in line to be ciggie-free in 2026.

This is according to Philip Morris, the US tobacco giant who has been looking at the decline of smoking in the UK. This prompted me to check out what is happening in God’s own city, Liverpool.

I found an article on a Google search in the Guardian in which Liverpool were aiming to become the 1st smoke free city. It was from 2004 and the aim was to be smoke free by 2008 in time for the Capital of Culture.

Ten years further on from that we now have a ban on smoking in public places and big drives to help people quit smoking in Liverpool but becoming free of cigarettes is still just an aspiration.

There is still much work to do everywhere to ensure the dream of becoming smoke-free doesn’t end going up in smoke.