The Benefit of Hindsight

You know the feeling “I wish I’d done x, y or z” Often said after the event and based on knowledge gained after the event.

Well, here’s a fact 55% of people have damaged their front teeth. That’s the majority of people!

Sometimes trauma to the mouth and face cannot be predicted, but often it can.

If you play contact sports you are much more likely to sustain an injury to your teeth.

The Everton footballer Michael Keane recently lost a tooth in the team’s victory against Stoke City. He remarked that it was worth the loss of a front tooth to secure the victory. But was it? Really?

Gum shields help prevent sporting injuries to the teeth. I look forward to the day football players wear gum shields as a matter of course, just like their rugby playing counterparts.

So be wise before the event, get your gum shield sorted now the new season is in full swing!

Don’t be a victim of hindsight!