Your Money or Your Life?

One of the great things about Continuing Professional Development is the acquisition of new information and knowledge. Recently I attended a brilliant course on Advances in Gum Disease and Treatment (delivered by Ian Dunne who lectures at Liverpool Dental Hospital).

Part of the lecture was discussing the effect smoking has on the progression of gum disease and I thought I’d share some of the interesting facts with you.

Smokers are 3 times more likely to lose teeth and are 3-7 times more likely to develop gum disease than non smokers.Their risk of developing oral cancer dramatically increases too compared to their non smoking counterparts.

20% of men and 17% of women currently smoke and it is estimated that 70% of those people would like to stop.

So, if you do smoke and would like to quit how can you get help to kick the habit?

There are several ways which include

* Visit your GP for free smoking cessation advice

* Check out for lots of useful advice, hints and tips and practical support.

Aside from the substantial health benefits of quitting smoking you’ll notice a massive difference in your pocket too.

Even smoking 5 a day will cost you £5,475 over 10 years!

Check out to see how much smoking really costs.

So, you don’t have to choose your money or your life – you can save both and keep your mouth a whole lot healthier too!