Dentistry – It’s No Monkey Business

I’m sure we can all recall a fantastic teacher or mentor who has been an inspiration at some point in our lives.

I’ve come across many such amazing individuals and a phrase one of them used has stuck with me ever since I first heard it.

On my first day as a clinical dental student, way back in 1980, the Dean of Dental Studies spoke to the new intake of students about to meet their first real life patients after training on mannikins for months.

This is what he said..

” I could train a monkey to do dentistry but I couldn’t train a monkey to do dentistry with care and compassion – that has to come from the heart”

I’ve never forgotten those words “with care and compassion” and that prompted me to incorporate that idea into our ethos at One20 Dental.

Our motto is “Better Because We Care More”.

I might be getting hairier as I get older but I’ll never turn into a monkey – performing dentistry without care or compassion.